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           Eagle East Tongchuang Yangfan Tongchuang (China) electronics co., LTD. Is a company set up in shenzhen region foreign sales window, provide convenience for the majority of manufacturers and sales cost, and high quality after-sales service.

           Yangfan Tongchuang (China) electronics co., LTD is located in the beautiful environment of zhangping industrial zone, the company is a sino-foreign joint venture, with a total investment of 160 million yuan. The company business scope for the research and development, production and sales: sealedCurrent and voltage, electronicCurrent and voltage, inductors, intelligent household central control system and its supporting software, machinery, automation equipment and its control software, all kinds of network power supply equipment, communication equipment and its supporting software, LED and its application of light source products, electronic parts, household intelligent building engineering design and installation, computer software, hardware development. Excellent technology research and development team has 19 years of professional experience, equipped with international advanced manufacturing test equipment, has the power of the international advanced product development design. Company product research and development to the market demand as the guidance, the development environmental protection, efficient and portable, safety and economy of power supply for the idea, and del power technology development trend in the international market; Company products by the European and American standard security certification to lean manufacturing philosophy, the pursuit of high efficiency and stable manufacturing process flow, make the products that meet the needs of customers. Company currently has five production lines, the existing staff of 120, the products are sold to many countries, such as Canada, Germany, etc., the company will with excellent service and high quality products and services to every customer!


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      Tel:86-755-22928058 Fax:86-755-22928058 Web:http://www.cryptoeax.com E-mail:ZXY008899@163. com    ydtc@szydtc.com
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