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      sensor oil leakage problems in the research and solve
      1. Cause analysis of sensor oil leakage
      Our powerCurrent and voltage are mostly oil-immersedCurrent and voltage, sensor have occurred over the years oil leakage, severe leakage not only reduces the life of the sensor, the security implications of the system, and stable operation, also contributed to the economic social and users seriously affected. In recent years, we in the process of overhauling the power plant and the plant becomes the main sensor, the sensor oil leakage find the reasons as follows:
      1.1 rubber seal failure and weld cracking
      sensor pads, long welds, and oil-immersed sensor is welded steel plate based on a variety of welding and assembly connections.
      A total 31500kVA sensor pads more than 70, total length of nearly 20m around the weld, it may be more leakage pathways. Direct leakage because the rubber seal failure and weld cracking, porosity, slag and so on.
      1.2 sealant member aging, cracking, deformation
      sensor leakage occurred at the junction, while more than 95% mainly due to the sealant member. The quality of the sealant member depends primarily on its oil resistance, oil resistance poor, aging speed is faster, especially at high temperatures, which means faster aging, can easily cause the seals aging, cracking, metamorphism and deformation, as well as failure, resulting in leakage of sensor oil.
      1.3 sensor manufacturing quality
      sensor in the manufacturing process, tank pads, long weld, welding difficult, welding materials, welding (welding process and equipment classification characteristics) specification, process, technology will affect the quality of welding, causing air hole, Weld, sealing off phenomenon so that the sensor oil leakage.
      1.4 Plate poor quality Butterfly
      Another frequent sensor leakage site in the valve plate at an earlier production ofCurrent and voltage, common plate valve connecting surface using a rough, thin, single seal, is out of product, can easily cause the sensor oil leakage.
      1.5 improper installation
      Flange connections injustice, when installing the gasket around not even by force; man-made bolt seals around non-uniform force; flange joint dislocation deformation, so that the force is too large gasket side, the side of the force is too small, side of the force is too small due to insufficient compression of the gasket is easy to cause the amount of leakage. This phenomenon occurred in the Buchholz relay connections and the radiator and body connection; Another point is that when the gasket is installed, inadequate or excessive amount of compression, compression insufficient, sensor operating temperature oil thinning, resulting in sensor oil leakage, the amount of compression is too large, gaskets severe deformation, accelerated aging shortened life.
      1.6 consignment inappropriate
      Shipping and transportation in parts of the construction process of collision and improper lifting and transportation, causing bruises deformed parts, weld open welding, cracks, etc., caused by leakage.
      sensor oil leakage type 2
      2.1 air leakage
      It is a kind of invisible leakage. The sleeve head conservator of the diaphragm, airway safety glass and weld trachoma and other parts out of the air leaks. Moisture in the air and oxygen will slowly penetrate into the body by the leakage of the site, within the sensor and the outside seal is broken, causing the insulation damp and oil accelerated aging and other issues.
      2.2 Oil leakage
      Leakage 2.2.1.
      Casing of oil or load tap-room to the sensor body oil leakage.
      2.2.2 external leakage.
      Weld leakage and seal leaks, this is the most prone to leakage is the most common.
      Precautions 3 sensor oil leakage
      3.1 Selecting the material good seal
      sensor maintenance and treatment of a leak, choose high temperature, excellent oil resistant seals. Domestic sensor industry's most commonly used sealing materials nitrile rubber, its performance depends on oil acrylonitrile butadiene rubber content, the higher the acrylonitrile content, the better the oil resistance, greater hardness, the more easily deformed. General should be chosen Shore hardness between 70 to 80 nitrile rubber. When the seal oil performance appraisal should generally be done gasket aging test and test compatibility with sensor oil, which was soaked in hot oil in 120 ℃ 168h, and then measuring the weight, the rate of change in volume and hardness, to choose their deformation small, standard seals.
      3.2 selection of high-quality butterfly Butterfly select ZF80 vacuum butterfly valve. Compared with ordinary butterfly valve, vacuum butterfly valve in the mechanical strength, surface finish have been greatly improved, and that it also has one of the biggest advantages is the sensor flange interface uses a double-sealed, so put an end to the sensor oil leakage problem at the interface.
      3.3 welded onto plugging
      Current and voltage due to stay for casting porosity, trachoma Weld, weld, solder joints appear, sealing off the crack, the available welding plugging.
      Before plugging weld should identify leaks, leaks smaller leak can be directly welded to little dead; the larger the leak should be filling asbestos rope or metal filler, then surfacing around, then using a small electrode high current arc welding quickly.
      3.4 specification seal replacement process
      For the different models and different capacity of the sensor, either a threaded connection or flange connection, you must first remove the surface dirt and rust connections before replacing the seals, clean the seal after the seal coat sealant on both sides (generally use 609 polymer liquid sealant), after a period of time until the sealant drying solvent evaporation, the flange screw connections are tight.
      3.5 improve the level of technology installed to eliminate because of improper installation caused by leakage
      Flange interface on uneven or deformed before adjusting the interface dislocation, dislocation serious correction can not be cut and re-welding flange must ensure parallel interface. When installing the gasket compression is appropriate for a thickness of about 1/3.
      3.6 fast glue stick seal plugging plugging
      This method is used inCurrent and voltage small leakage, drip, the thin wall of the sensor radiator, and plugging leaks welding method is inappropriate treatment can take this method plugging. When using the glue stick plugging plugging, plugging the parts must be thoroughly cleaned of oil, patent leather, oxides, exposing the true nature of the metal. Then adjusted by the ratio plugging gum, plugging of leakage area until no leakage so far.
      4 summarizes
      With the development of power industry, how to improve the performance of power equipment to ensure reliable operation of the power system is an urgent need to address the electricity issue, therefore, sensor oil leakage problem can be timely and thorough treatment, have gradually become measure the electric power industry development important technical indicators. In recent years, we have through the Main and Auxiliary Variable Oil Leak process, continuous improvement, summarize prevention measures, sensor oil leakage rate is greatly reduced, for the safe operation of the sensor to provide a guarantee for the enterprise, community and users He has made economic.

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